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Planned Projects

  • Calibrate the speedometer - Seems to be approx 10% off
  • Fix rattle in right hand door
  • Maybe change left engine mount
  • Replace lightbulbs in dashboard with LEDs.
  • Consider new tires. Maybe 275/50/15 Nitto 555R rear with BFG KD 225/50/15 front ?

Past projects

  • Winter 2012-2013 - Replaced broken 1/4 light glass in drivers door due to stone from passing car. Greased internal door mechanism to fix rattle. Fixed alternator mounting bracket - silent now
  • Winter 2009-2010 - Overhauled rear brake calipers due to locking. Glass blown, no corrosion, new seals fitted and brakes installed.
  • Winter 2009-2010 - Changed clutch hose for braided type
  • Winter 2009-2010 - Overhauled gearbox due to "rumbling" in 4th and 5th gear. All major bearings changed (6 bearings). Gears and synchromesh all 100% ok.
  • Winter 2009-2010 - Balanced both rear wheels - Cured the vibration at high speed.
Autumn 2009 - Overhaul front brakes due to sticking. Brake calipers glass blown - No corrosion. New brake seals and new brakepads installed
  • Autumn 2009 - Overhauled the steering rack. Brass guidering machined to fit. Greased and assembled
  • Autumn 2009 - Replaced lightbulbs in with LEDs. Should save a few watts and maybe keep the dark Lord at bay (Lord Lucas)
  • Winter 2008-2009 - Full engine overhaul. See more information here.. Alternatively my projects page at LEF here. Login is required.
  • Summer 2008 - Replacing the seats with Lotus Elise seats to gain more cabin space. The seats have been aquired and are awaiting modifications.
    Status Nov 08: One seat in, but not quite bolted down. Solution to be found in spring of 2009